With the Rome Derby now a day away, many former players from both teams are continuing to chime in on the match and memories from previous fixtures.

Former Argentine midfielder Lucas Castroman is among many that played for Lazio in the Rome Derby. He scored one memorable game-tying goal against Roma 20 years ago. While Roma went on to win Serie A for that season, this goal from Castroman hindered Roma’s ability to clinch the league earlier than expected.

Castroman reflected on the goal, with comments relayed by the Italian-based outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi.

My first derby was incredible. Not just on the pitch but off the pitch.

Scoring in that derby was a gift from God at that moment. The ball went into the goal, at the corner, after passing through so many opponents: I will always remember it. Thanks to that goal,I am still remembered many years later. It was the goal that everyone dreams of.

Lazio is now prepared to once again battle with AS Roma. Castroman aspires to see his former side come out on top in this edition of the Rome Derby.

I hope Lazio can win easily. This is what I wished all the Biancocelesti teams after mine which, in particular, was full of Argentines.

Correa is not at his best at the moment, but he will certainly recover because he is a guy with strength and quality. I hope that he can find the decisive play, and then I always wish the best to a wonderful club like Lazio.

Lazio could use this win to build on recent momentum.

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