Italian Journalist Recanatesi Previews on What to Expect from the Rome Derby

With any Rome Derby, both Lazio and AS Roma aspire to come away with wins in the fixture. But in this particular edition of the derby, the pressure is mounting more than usual as both sides need a win like this one to continue to make a grand push in the Serie A league table.

Italian journalist Franco Recanatesi does not foresee a clear favorite in the fixture.  Still, he notes that Lazio could use a result from the fixture. Recanatesi spoke about the upcoming Rome Derby, with comments being relayed by the Italian-based outlet Cittaceleste.

I feel a certain exaltation for the derby. I have good feelings, but I’m a little confused.

Right now, I can’t say how the challenge will go. However, a draw could escape us, 1-1. It wouldn’t be bad but you have to see.

A win in this Rome Derby could go a long way for Lazio’s promising league campaign.

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