Lazio wing back Manuel Lazzari discussed the Biancocelesti’s incredible 3-0 derby win overt Roma, the season so far, his goals and more in an interview with Italian radio broadcaster Lazio Style Radio (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) earlier today.

First, he touched on if his performance in the derby was his best so far for Lazio.

Definitely, not only me but the whole team had a magnificent derby. A clear victory, we played with great intensity from the first to the last minute.

We’re really happy. We approached it well, we fought for all the balls and on the pitch at a certain point there was the awareness that we could do it, after 10-15 minutes there was already the feeling of superiority.

We knew it was a crucial game not only because it was the derby but because it could take us up the table. We told ourselves that if we played as Lazio, we could hurt anyone and this derby showed that. We won’t give up on anything.

The 27-year-old Italian then discussed his two assists and the goals in the match.

Us wing backs in midfield when we see the striker or Milinkovic-Savic receive the ball we know it’s time to go, we do it automatically. When I saw that Spinazzola had made a mistake and the ball had reached Ciro I took off and believed in it until the end.

The ball then came back to Ciro and he doesn’t miss from there. I saw that he was coming at 200km/h and I moved out of the way otherwise he’d pull me down too.

On the second goal Milinkovic played a good ball deep to me, then I was good at getting in front of Ibanez with my body.

He touched me and I thought the referee was going to whistle for a penalty, then I got up immediately and put it behind Luis Alberto who scored.

The former SPAL man spoke about the Biancocelesti’s 2020/21 campaign so far.

A period of cloudiness is normal, especially when you play every three days and in the Champions League, which is a totally different competition.

It’s normal that the condition was not optimal. Both Adam and I held on and we’re happy to have given the team a hand.

He touched on his nickname ‘Duracell’, and his shooting capabilities.

I have no preference, they can call me whatever they want.

Shooting? I have to believe in it a bit more, it’s true that I prefer to make a pass but sometimes I should be more selfish.

The goal at Celtic? When I don’t think I do the best things, there it was a counterattack and I had to shoot.

Lazzari discussed his performances and feelings regarding the Italian national team.

The main issue concerns the system, Italy plays with a different system than Lazio. The national team is a dream and to be part of that squad, I have to play great games, I hope to continue like this and if the call comes, I’ll be happy.

Compared to last year I’ve grown a lot on a mental level. Last year I was very tense when I came onto the pitch in the first half of the season, the team was new and the stadium was unbelievable, there were a lot of expectations.

This year I’ve lightened up, when I go out on the pitch, I enjoy it and if I have to try something I do it. Then the physical aspect matters a lot.

The Italian spoke about Lazio’s new signings this season.

First and foremost, in the first two or three months last year I thought I wasn’t good enough, it’s not easy on a mental level and then you have to settle in.

All the new guys have great qualities, it’s just a matter of time, we’re not machines. I am confident, their qualities will come out.

Finally, Lazzari discussed the upcoming Champions League Round of 16 tie against Bayern Munich.

We managed to get through the group which is already a great thing, now we will play the round of 16 against the champions.

A crazy team, they’re phenomenal players and we’ll arrive at those fixtures fully charged. Everything goes through the league first though.

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