Lazio’s 3-0 win over AS Roma in the recent Rome Derby clash can be argued that it was one of the more impressive victories of the Simone Inzaghi managerial era.

One could also say that the final score was not indicative of how the match itself turned out; the Biancocelesti created multiple high percentage goal-scoring chances in the match. But in the end, Lazio settled with just the three goals scored and the much-needed three points from the fixture.

Former Italian defender Massimo Piscedda is joining many in appreciating just how dominant of a showing it was from Lazio.

Piscedda provided his thoughts on the match to Radiosei (via La Lazio Siamo Noi).

Lazio took the game where they wanted. Roma didn’t study it much. They thought they could repeat the performance made with Inter. With the Biancocelesti, you can’t do so.

Inzaghi’s team understood that the Giallorossi could be beaten in technique, quality, counterattacks. He made them dribble and then put them in. I was expecting a very different Roma.

Lazio is certainly picking up momentum at a right time this season. The three straight league wins for Lazio has the side back in contention for a top-four spot in Serie A this season.