Lazio President Lotito Releases Statement Condemning Attacks On Gabriele Paparelli

Lazio president Claudio Lotito has released an official statement condemning the attacks on Gabriele Paparelli, the son of Vincenzo, who was killed in the Derby della Capitale against Roma in 1979.

The Lazio fan is often reminded of his father’s death, with disparaging comments attached, whenever the Biancocelesti win in the derby against the Giallorossi. This happened yet again after last week’s 3-0 win over Paulo Fonesca’s said.

Lotito condemned the act, saying:

I want to express my total and unconditional solidarity with Gabriele Paparelli, who has once again been the victim of shameful attacks on the memory of his father Vincenzo.

I think the time has come, once and for all, to say enough to these hurtful comments and to do it loudly, without hesitation.

And I think I can interpret the mood and feelings of anyone who found themselves in a situation like the one that happened 41 years ago, which has no sporting justification, nor can it be interpreted as an expression of any kind of fanaticism.

Vincenzo Paparelli was a Lazio fan, but he was above all a father and a husband. A normal man torn from his life by a crazy gesture, on 28th October 1979, at the Stadio Olimpico.

The derby in Rome is one of the most beautiful in the world, it is colour, rivalry and healthy competition in respect of the rules and sporting values. That is why it cannot and must not turn into a tragedy or even speculation about that.

First and foremost, respect for the human being must be preserved and not even the worst offence can be an excuse to humiliate the memory of a person.

I call on all fans to assert these reasons – even more so today in the dramatic moment we are living – always, at all times and beyond any sporting faith, to represent an example that prevails over any attempt to mortify the civil life and common sense.

It is time for clear words, clear condemnations and responsible stances.

The editorial staff at The Laziali join president Lotito and the Biancocelesti in condemning the actions.

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