Agent Materazzi: “A Serie A Team Made an Offer for Radu This Month but He Chose Lazio”

Italian agent Matteo Materazzi discussed his client Lazio defender Stefan Radu, the Biancocelesti’s 3-0 derby win over Roma last week and coach Simone Inzaghi in an interview with Italian media outlet earlier today.

I have to tell you that Radu has Lazio deeply in his heart, despite many offers from other clubs and even recently a Serie A club this year, in January, not even Lazio knew about the offer.

He wouldn’t feel like changing clubs and it shows you what he has in him. This is Radu, there are few players like him, old school with a different mentality, especially when it comes to social media.

Unfortunately for the market now you don’t have a lot of options. Now the session will close at the end of the month, but we still don’t know if there will be the usual end-of-market meeting and we’ll see what happens.

He highlighted how the 34-year-old Romanian defender wants to continue his career with Lazio, and spoke highly of the Biancocelesti’s organisation and structure.

Radu is doing very well today, he’s a serious professional and he always puts himself in a good position. As long as he has the will and the strength, the idea is to continue.

He’s a professional who sees the game several times after the match, this is the mentality of the ‘old’ with a different ability to think than the new.

Lazio’s mentality regarding the market has brought results over the years. As a Lazio player I’d like to have a lot of players, as a professional I trust Lazio.

The coach made the difference in this derby too, Tare brought in important players and Simone has developed them 100%.

If we look at Felipe Anderson, Keita, all those who have left have failed, I think that the difference, apart from the club, is definitely the coach, who I think won the derby in a big way, with his choices, putting himself on the line and showing his value once again.

I remember Luis Alberto as a right winger, then changing role he showed his value and for me today he is a champion. Inzaghi’s hand has been seen in this as well, he has given a great value to this player.

As for Marchetti, a cycle is over and the club has made its choices. He went to Genoa. Marchetti was out in the last period, the club had already made its choices.

Materazzi spoke about last week’s thrilling Derby della Capitale, which Lazio left 3-0 winners.

It’s always nice to make fun of the Romanisti because I think it’s the derby that makes you do that. In this period, it’s not easy to play down either.

I’ve seen a lot of taunting, especially after the game against Spezia, and I’m sorry for the many Roma friends I have but everyone makes their own choices. I chose to be for Lazio and I’m proud of that.

I read an interview with Fonseca who said he’d never lost the derby, it’s a coincidence, two days before the derby I spoke to Simone who told me they were on their game, so I was convinced Lazio would win, I know Simone and Lazzari in particular has shown that.

Manuel is an important player, he was the one who gave you that extra gear, with his runs to shift the balance.

The Italian agent touched on coach Simone Inzaghi and his contract renewal with the Roman club.

I’m a friend of Inzaghi because I don’t talk about football with him, we usually talk about something else, it’s a delicate subject. I hope Lazio will renew his contract and as soon as possible. He has brought people back to the stadium.

Before the pandemic there was an incredible atmosphere, which unfortunately we Lazio fans had lost before Inzaghi. And this is mainly thanks to Simone. He also gave a lot in his relationship with Radu. Stefan’s desire to stay at Lazio and my desire is to keep him there until they’ve decided the defender’s fate.

And then Simone certainly put his own spin on it. On Sunday we had to go for medical examinations with the other team. Then Peruzzi called Radu and called him for the training camp.

Finally, Materazzi spoke about how it feels to support Lazio.

Supporting Lazio for my work is sometimes good and sometimes bad. I think supporting a team is a pleasure. Lazio was in my destiny. I was lucky.

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