Lazio Women coach Ashraf Seleman discussed the Biancocelesti’s 1-1 draw with Pontedera in an interview with Italian radio broadcaster Lazio Style Radio (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) earlier today.

I am disappointed because we had to make a leap forward, the others would have also given us an advantage, but we did not exploit it. This is not good. The girls have to start taking more responsibility, they are the ones on the pitch and they have to understand the importance of these matches.

We need more determination to close out games, especially when we play at home where we struggle more. Riozzese dropped points against Perugia, we had to take advantage of this great opportunity, we could have gone to two points behind with three games to recover.

Now we start to get serious, the points are important and we must not lose them because of details and lack of concentration. We lacked the determination of a great team that once they take the lead either doesn’t concede or scores another one.

We scored a goal and then, shortly afterwards, we conceded one because of a lack of determination. We had started well because we had a lot of shots. We couldn’t keep up those five minutes after the goal, which are decisive.

We fell asleep, they made one of the few dangerous actions and scored. In three against one that should not be possible. We played the match well, in fact the opposing coach complimented me afterwards.

He highlighted how the squad need to work on their mentality.

Sometimes we play great games when we know that the opponent is of a high level.

Then we have a strong team, because Pontedera are an organized team with the best coach of the women’s game at the moment, but that are fighting for salvation and we have the obligation to win if we want to stay at the top of the table.

Otherwise, we’re going to throw away those points that could be fundamental, considering that in direct matches you never know how it could end.

The Lazio Women coach moved onto discussing the upcoming three matches.

Now we have three consecutive away games, two of which are recoveries. On Sunday we’ll go to Ravenna and it will be a direct clash as they are just below us, we have to win to overtake them if not they will overtake us.

The week after we’ll be at Cittadella, again a difficult match. Then we will close this trio in Udine against Tavagnacco. Three tough matches and we will have to give our best.

We have to score at least 6 points, the girls have to understand this and have to be more aggressive in the match.

During the trainings they are concentrated and determined, then sometimes we run into uncomfortable draws. We have to improve, there is no more time to think.

Seleman touched on how the team only concede a few goals, but they are always damaging.

Yes, because if we don’t score the second goal, we struggle to keep the lead and that’s not good. We have to improve and be more convinced.

Yesterday we played a good match, always playing with the ball on the ground and getting compliments from our opponents. But that’s not enough anymore.

Finally, Seleman discussed the importance of the work in training in the week.

We have to be more cynical. Yesterday we went for goal at least 15/16 times, between shots and chances. If you don’t manage to score two or three goals in all those chances, it’s not good. You’ve conceded three shots, you’ve conceded one goal and the game has ended 1-1.

We can’t afford that. We’ve talked a lot this week and we thought we’d found the right system, we knew it was a tricky game. We will talk more and try to focus on the details.

Individually I have spoken a lot with Santoro who is one of the leaders of the team. Every now and then we switch off the light, but it’s a recurring feature in women’s football.

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