Lazio faced another grand Serie A test in its recent fixture against Sassuolo. In the end, the Biancocelesti wound up passing another test with a convincing 2-1 win over Sassuolo to pick up another three points and move within a mere two points behind current fifth-place side Atalanta.

Italian journalist Manuel Codignoni notes that for Lazio, this was an even more arduous fixture than expected. But there was one key factor that helped the Biancocelesti clinch the win in the end.

Codignoni provided his thoughts on Lazio’s win, with comments being relayed by the Italian-based outlet Cittaceleste.

Lazio vs Sassuolo was an intense match played at extremely high rates. It immediately got bad for Lazio, but then analyzing the figures and the data, we can say that the success was legitimized.

Sassuolo had a lot of possession, but it didn’t help much. The Biancocelesti did well to unlock it before the end of the first half.

Lazio could extend its league winning streak to five games if it can pull off an upcoming major win against Atalanta.