Italian Journalist Crudeli Details What Mateo Musacchio Will Bring to Lazio

Lazio is expected to soon officially announce the signing of AC Milan defender Mateo Musacchio. The Argentine will arrive at Lazio as being a key depth addition for the team’s backline.

Italian journalist Tiziano Crudeli has closely followed Musacchio over his run with Milan. Crudeli believes that this signing for Lazio is a much-needed addition to the side. Crudeli also notes Musacchio’s injury history over this season, which should be an aspect that the Biancocelesti must surely be monitoring.

Crudeli spoke about this signing for Lazio, with comments being relayed by the Italian-based outlet Cittaceleste.

Musacchio is a good player. Lazio made a discreet, reliable purchase. I’m sure he will do well.

More than anything else, we need to see his physical condition because he comes from an injury. This is also why he played little; he returned to the match against Genoa in December, but the hierarchies were already established with Romagnoli and Kjaer who are having a great season and it is difficult to take his place away.

He can play in a three-man defense, even though he’s always done well with four.

Musacchio is not expected to come in and revamp Lazio’s backline. Instead, the early expectation is that he should quickly provide a key presence as a depth reinforcement for the team’s defensive line.

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