Lazio came away with a thrilling but disappointing result in the Coppa Italia quarterfinals as the Biancocelesti fell to Atalanta by a 3-2 final score.

The fixture itself was filled with plenty of what-ifs, from missed chances to several defensive miscues that gifted Atalanta multiple golden goal-scoring chances.

After the match, Lazio assistant coach Massimiliano Farris provided his thoughts (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) on the result for his side. Overall, he notes that this match was one that the team let slip away.

We are sorry, we lost an important opportunity. We were unable to manage the key moments of the match; we conceded goals.

Atalanta defended itself correctly; we probably should have widened the field more, but it was not easy to find spaces in front of their fort.

Simone has already said it, the Champions League took away some energy and we didn’t even have the changes.

Lazio now looks ahead to a rematch with this same Atalanta side. The Biancocelesti is right behind Atalanta in the league standings, so Farris certainly knows just how important this upcoming match will be for the side.

It will take determination. The first thing to do is to understand how many players recover. We will have to see the energy we have in the tank. We played all kinds of games with Atalanta. On Sunday, we have the opportunity to add something fresh, and we will certainly have an excellent match.

We will take inspiration from this match, but the will of the boys has never been in question. Saturday we will be here and Sunday we will return to face them.

With Lazio out of the Coppa Italia tournament, the side now shifts its focus to continuing to fight for a top-four spot in the league table.