Report: Former Lazio Women’s Player to Cover for Ashraf Seleman as Manager

As a club, Lazio wants to see the various parts of their institution succeed; this doesn’t only include the men’s first-team squad and their Primavera system but also their women’s side. 

The Biancocelesti want their women’s squad to be on par with the men’s, which is why their objective is to earn promotion into Serie A. Lazio Women currently finds itself in the second division in third place, five points out of first with 13 matches left in their season.

While they remain undefeated thus far this year, they’ll compete for the next three fixtures without their manager Ashraf Seleman. 

Seleman received a three-match ban from the Italian Football Federation due to preventing the ball from leaving the sideline with his hand, keeping it in play, as Solo La Lazio reported.

Nonetheless, without their manager for a few fixtures, Lazio women’s side will be initially guided by the assistant manager Lorenzo Calabria. 

However, the former CEO of the Italian Football Federation, Antonello Valentini, tweeted that former Lazio Women’s player Carolina Morace will be stepping in to cover Seleman. Morace played for the Biancocelesti in the mid-1980s.

Carolina Morace returns to coach Lazio Women, imminent agreement with Lotito. In Morace’s staff, her wife, the former Australian footballer Nicola Jane Williams, as an athletic trainer.

There are no further details if this is a short or long-term decision with Morace coming into the fold.

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