Lazio has found its stride over its ongoing Serie A campaign. With multiple Serie A wins in a row under its belt, many have begun to take notice of the Biancocelesti’s recent strong form.

Former Italian forward Renzo Garlaschelli is in much awe of Lazio’s current winning streak. He is noting that with the way that this Lazio side has been playing as of late, it could very well compete with any side in the league.

Garlaschelli touched upon Lazio’s recent form, with comments being relayed by the Italian-based outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi.

They can win with anyone. They lost a few points on the road, but they can aim for the top four places.

For some, what was noteworthy from Lazio’s recent performance against Atalanta was that it clinched the win without a goal from Ciro Immobile. Garlaschelli believes that this showing from Lazio exemplified that it could pick up such wins without being heavily reliant on the star forward.

And this is a good sign, it means that it does not depend only on him but this is a confirmation. Yesterday, Atalanta was not as brilliant as other times but credit must be given to the team that wins. It was a good match and the redemption arrived after the knockout in the Italian Cup.

This certainly was a much-needed win for Lazio in its season.