Lazio president Claudio Lotito discussed coach Simone Inzaghi’s contract renewal, the project at the club and the league title when speaking to gathered reporters at a press conference earlier today. His words were collected by Italian media outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi.

I often hear about contractual problems. The club has made an offer. Simone and I have a great understanding and relationship, both on a professional and personal level.

I don’t think there are any problems to continue this path that is proving that Lazio exists in concrete terms.

As Morace said, today there is a Lazio that counts from the point of view of organisation, role and national and international credibility. This is due to the work of everyone.

He highlighted how there was no need for specific meetings with the 44-year-old Italian coach.

There’s no meeting, there’s no such thing as a carrier pigeon sending messages. I talk to Simone every day and we have no secrets or problems. The only one is time.

I’m hardly ever there, he’s busy with a thousand things. Before the match against Atalanta I went to Formello to say goodbye to the team and I didn’t even manage to meet him because he was giving a press conference.

Lotito spoke about what he wants for the club and the project underway.

We want the club to have international importance. Some of the players we’ve bought have said things that have made me feel proud to be the owner of this club.

One guy told us: ‘It’s impossible not to do well here’ and another: ‘This is a dream. Compared to AC Milan and Juve, this is another level.’

The club has done great things to put all the tools in place for everyone to express their potential. If someone enters Formello they realise they are entering a temple that represents the pride of belonging to the Biancocelesti colours.

Lazio are not a starting point but a point of arrival. Inside we breathe our values and our behaviour on and off the pitch. Examples are Lazzari in Bergamo and Klose in Napoli. The club says you have to win on merit alone. With sacrifice and strength of mind we’ll reap the results.

Finally, Lotito spoke of the league title and last season’s title race.

Goals are reached and not announced. Last year the pandemic altered our prospects.

Within a club everyone does their own thing. When there’s a confusion of roles, you don’t achieve your goals. Unity is strength.

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