Lazio is set to take on Caligari up next in a Serie A home fixture. The Biancocelesti will have the opportunity to continue its winning ways by possibly extending its current streak to six straight league wins.

Former Italian defender Massimo Piscedda notes the importance of this upcoming match for Lazio. But if Lazio wishes to come away from the fixture with yet another win, Piscedda believes that the team would need to exploit one key aspect in the match.

Piscedda previewed Lazio’s upcoming fixture, with comments being relayed by the Italian-based outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi.

Cagliari has a good team but there are many players who make mistakes. In defense above all, Lazio must take advantage. Overall, it can be annoying if they are well.

They make a lot of mistakes, especially behind.

The 18th place side Caligari currently has the fourth worse goal differential in the league with a -14 margin. Lazio may be on par to have multiple pivotal goal-scoring chances in the match.