Lazio Manager Inzaghi Fined for Blasphemy During Recent Fixture Against Sassuolo

Lazio manager Simone Inzaghi has been dealt with an undisclosed fine for using two blasphemous phrases during a recent Serie A fixture, as noted by the Italian-based outlet La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Inzaghi was under investigation for blasphemy during the team’s fixture against Sassuolo. The Italian manager reportedly uttered such phrases during the match, which were noted by an inspector that was present at the time.

Inzaghi faced a punishment that would have seen him miss Lazio’s next two Serie A matches. However, he was able to come to terms with the prosecutor in the investigation that rather than being handed a two-game suspension, he would face a fine instead.

Inzaghi is fortunate not to have been suspended considering what other previous offenders ended up facing at the end of their investigations. Inzaghi may have negotiated an agreement to not use such a phrase again, but if he does, there would be no option for him to agree on a fine instead of a suspension.

Under the blasphemy law that was initiated by the league in 2010, players and coaches would face fines and suspensions for blasphemy.

For Inzaghi, he now looks ahead to the team’s upcoming Serie A fixture against Cagliari.

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