Lazio Primavera Coach Menichini: “Little By Little We Have Grown”

Lazio’s U19 team picked up a convincing win over Atalanta U19 in the Coppa Italia Primavera Round of 16 stage. Lazio trailed early but wound up scoring a trio of goals to clinch the 3-1 win and advance to the quarterfinal round of the tournament.

Lazio U19 coach Leonardo Menichini was very much impressed by how his side responded in the match after falling behind early. He spoke about his initial thoughts on the match, with comments being relayed by Lazio’s official website.

Going under after a couple of minutes on a deviation seemed a negative sign, but the team gathered together. The game was long; there was time to recover. Little by little, we have grown, and we have built our chances as a goal, scoring and failing even some chances.

Sometimes we win the ball after a good pressing, but we make a mistake in passing or finishing.

Menichini’s side is stacked with promising attacking prospects.  For one, the Italian manager signaled out Simone Castigliani as he contributed for a goal and an assist in the match.

Castigliani played an excellent match, like the whole team.

Our strikers are good, it’s up to me to understand when it’s time to let them play or not. Castigliani is doing well, Moro is out with Marinacci, Tare and Nimmermeer are in the group.

This sure was a strong performance from Menichini’s team, especially as the side was just coming off from back-to-back league defeats.

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