Lazio’s Luis Alberto: “You Can Never Count Out Juventus, They’re the Favourites”

Lazio midfielder Luis Alberto discussed his physical condition, this current Serie A season, his career and more in an interview with Italian trio Gli Autogol on their channel earlier today. His words were collected by La Lazio Siamo Noi.

First, he discussed his condition.

I rested a bit after the surgery, I’m not tired. I’m never tired. Today we worked in the morning, tomorrow it’s a day off. After a game I don’t sleep until 4-5 in the morning.

I always do my recovery at home, I train a bit at Formello and then I go home. I play FIFA with my friends.

I always play with Escalante in Warzone, Lazzari is also good. New signing Musacchio is also strong.

The Spaniard discussed the Italian league.

I’m inspired by Valeron and Riquelme. In Italy my references were Del Piero and Pirlo. Juve still need some time.

They started to work better a few weeks ago. Everyone said they were a dead team but you can never count Juve out. They remain the favourites.

He moved onto commenting about which team has impressed him, as well as the play of AC Milan talisman Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Who impressed me? Atalanta we know are strong, luckily we beat them, but I can’t tell you who impressed me a lot.

Ibrahimovic? He speaks for himself.

The 28-year-old looked back at his career.

I played with so many strong players, like Gerrard, Coutinho, Sterling, but Luis Suarez is the strongest. He was a crazy guy. The strongest I’ve played against is Messi, that’s easy.

I’ve always preferred him to Ronaldo but he’s impressive as well. No one has ever done what they have done.

Luis Alberto spoke about the prominence of fantasy football (Fantacalcio) in Italy.

In Italy they are sick. It’s something that hurts the fan, they prefer to win in Fantacalcio rather than see their team win on the pitch.

I know Reina, the oldest, plays there in Spain.

He spoke about his relationships with Pepe Reina and Inter midfielder Nicolo Barella.

At Liverpool? I arrived and he left, I immediately rented his house. In the national team we played together, there’s a good relationship.

Barella? Even when he played at Cagliari, he was one of the strongest. He must be a source of pride for Italy.

The Lazio midfielder discussed the many different elements of the Biancocelesti dressing room.

The messiest? Cataldi is always nervous. He doesn’t mess around in a negative sense, but he’s always talking. He’s also a comedian. We talk a lot and fight every day, I fight more with Radu.

Worst music? That’s easy, Patric and Correa. You can’t understand a damn thing they listen to, strange music. I listen to music from my country.

Inzaghi? He has his voice until the 50th minute, then it runs out.

He touched on if he prefers to provide an assist or score a goal.

It’s all the same to me, I like winning. It’s not something I always have in mind, I like to have fun. Yesterday I had the ball there but I left it for Ciro.

The Spaniard spoke about his favourite Italian dish.

I really like carbonara. In Spain I always eat fried potatoes with eggs.

Finally, Luis Alberto touched on his dream starting 11.

Ter Stegen; Alexander Arnold, Van Dijk, Sergio Ramos, Davies, Kimmich, De Bruyne, Neymar, Cristiano, Messi, Benzema. With this we would win the Champions League.

From Serie A, not counting Lazio, I would put: Handanovic; Calabria, De Vrij, Toloi, Theo Hernandez; Barella, Zielinski, Ilicic; Ronaldo, Lukaku, Insigne. Let’s play for 6-5 all games.

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