Giancarlo Inzaghi, father of Lazio coach Simone and Benevento coach Pippo, discussed his two sons, their work and their lives in an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) earlier today.

Imagine that I watch Pippo and Simone’s matches locked in a room with the blinds down. There are two of us. Me and my wife. But we’ve never watched a game together.

She’s in the bedroom alone, I’m in the living room. I don’t want to see or hear anyone. We talk to each other from room to room to keep each other informed in case they are playing at the same time.

We rarely take turns. I’m 73 years old, I still work out. But when one of them loses, I feel ten years older.

They have both given me great satisfaction, because apart from being good at their jobs they are also decent people and can teach me a lot. When I meet their opponents, they all recognise that.

He touched on the differences between his two sons.

Pippo is a hard worker, you have no idea. Sometimes I call him at half past eight in the evening when he has just finished his shower. He’s literally sick with his work. If you pull him off the field, he’s dead.

Is Simone like that too? No, Simone likes to take his free time. They look out for each other a lot and give each other advice.

He also spoke positively of Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic.

I’ve known Sinisa from the days when he played together with Simone at Lazio, I can only be pleased for him.

Finally, Inzaghi spoke about a story involving Simone and some Biancocelesti fans.

One day Simone and I were in the car. We were stopped at the traffic lights and they pulled over and told us to roll down the window.

I immediately thought: ‘There they are, the ultras have arrived.’ But they just wanted to say, ‘Don’t break our…’ But they said it as a joke, I dare say with affection.

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