The stakes will be high in Lazio’s upcoming Serie A fixture against Inter Milan. The Italian side has had key wins as of late over the likes of AS Roma and Atalanta, but this duel against Inter will give the Biancocelesti an even more daunting challenge.

Former Italian forward Roberto Boninsegna is looking ahead to what this bout between Lazio and Inter will bring. The former Juventus forward had his say on the upcoming fixture during his talk with Radiosei (via La Lazio Siamo Noi).

Inter vs Lazio will be a difficult match for both. Lazio are recovering. Conte’s team has only the championship left. For Inter, they will be determined, if it goes badly in the league too it would be a problem.

Lazio are in great shape, above all thanks to the goals from Immobile. He is in a great moment of form, as he touches the ball and scores.

Inter today is a team that lives on Lukaku. It’s not at its best, but with Lautaro they complement each other, they are one of the best pairs. If Inter is missing something, it’s in midfield, a real playmaker, the one Lazio has.

This fixture for Lazio is not being billed as a match where the Biancocelesti must come away from it with a win. This match will more so provide the side with a crucial test on just where it currently stands with its form.