Barletta coach Paolo Stringara discussed Lazio’s upcoming Serie A clash against Inter and their campaign so far in an interview with Italian radio broadcaster Radiosei (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) earlier today.

The league is open, finally there’s a season like this. We couldn’t take it anymore in the last few years, except for the interlude of Lazio, who struggled with Juventus.

This makes all the fans in Italy enjoy it. It’s a pity for the absence of the fans, the public is the thing that players miss the most.

He looked ahead to Sunday’s league fixture between the Biancocelesti and the Nerazzurri.

A difficult game for both sides. There are some problems at Inter, but it’s always like that in Milan. Lazio can do well on Sunday, because in recent years they’ve become an important club again.

Inzaghi also deserves credit for this, we haven’t seen Lazio at the top for a long time. He has an identity, a game and extraordinary players.

The Biancocelesti must play carefully, as they did against Atalanta, leaving space to the Nerazzurri can be a problem.

Finally, Stringara compared individual players from both teams.

I prefer Reina, I’ve always liked his attitude. As well as being a good footballer he’s a good guy and you need great men in the dressing room.

As far as the defense is concerned, if I have to compare it with that of Inter, I would definitely take Acerbi from Lazio. In midfield they’re more or less equal, but I’d take the Biancocelesti midfielders.

They are also equal in attack, if I think of Immobile and Lukaku. If Lazio win on Sunday, they can enter into the title race. I don’t think Roma and Napoli have the potential to go all the way.

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