Lazio Head Doctor Pulcini: “I’ll Prove That I’m a Professional & Have Nothing to Hide”

Lazio’s head doctor Dr. Ivo Pulcini discussed the referral from the Federal Prosecutor’s Office for an alleged violation of the FIGC’s Covid protocol to federal court in a statement earlier today. His words were collected by Italian media outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi.

I am super calm and happy to be able to explain the position of a professional who has been working correctly for many years in respect of the rules.

According to the law it is up to the laboratory to communicate to the Local Health Authority if there is a positive case. It is then the Local Health Authority that communicates to the team, with the consent of the player.

Pulcini explained the accusation of failing to communicate the results of the tests before the Champions League matches Club Brugge v Lazio on 28th October 2020 and Zenit v Lazio on 4th November 2020.

We communicated promptly to the Local Health Authority, but we were not certain that they were true positive cases.

Materially, I have never seen the results of the tests taken by UEFA, because I do not have access to the platform. So, I would have had to certify that there were positive cases and make an act of faith.

As a doctor I only certify what I see, according to my conscience.

The Lazio head doctor then touched on the referral to federal court.

It doesn’t bother me at all, it is legitimate to make investigations but when one is a serious professional one doesn’t stoop to doing these things. I will prove that I am and that I have nothing to hide.

It is right that it should be investigated, because the law must always be respected. There is nothing to discuss about this.

As a professional I want to explain well how things should be done, in a correct way and according to the code of ethics. I cannot make false statements.

Finally, Dr. Pulcini discussed some of his statements in the past regarding disagreements with the Covid-19 protocols.

If the law says that even a dubious positive case is a positive case, whether it is wrong or right, it is not up to me to say so.

I express my opinions after respecting the rules and not before, inviting everyone to respect them.

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