Italian Journalist Sarzanini Reflects on Lazio’s Recent Serie A Loss to Inter Milan

Lazio came into its Serie A fixture against Inter Milan riding a six-match league winning streak. This match itself was a golden opportunity for Lazio to prove that the side deserves to be in the discussion for the Scudetto this season. But in the end, it was Inter Milan that clinched the win to become the new league-leaders.

Italian journalist Enrico Sarzanini is looking back on the defeat for the Biancocelesti.

Overall, Sarzanini does not view the match one in which Inter Milan simply dominated from the get-go. Instead for Sarzanini, he sees that the fixture itself unraveled as one where a couple of mistakes from Lazio gifted Inter with massive goal-scoring opportunities.

Sarzanini provided his thoughts in the match, with comments being relayed by the Italian-based outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi.

We must not let ourselves be discouraged. From these defeats, we must get the best, try to improve.

Two out of three goals were lucky enough. The penalty is there… it was, but because the back leg touches Lautaro’s. In short, they are all special situations. It is unfair to take the defeat on to individuals.

Against Inter, Lazio deserved to lose. I understand the disappointment, but we also need a bit of balance.

Lazio now has an upcoming league fixture against Sampdoria. The Biancocelesti can not afford to go two straight matches with winless results at this point in the season.

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