Lawyer Gian Luca Mignogna: “I’m Convinced That Lazio’s Defense Will Prevail”

Italian lawyer Gian Luca Mignogna discussed Lazio’s referral to federal court regarding their Covid-19 test case in an interview with Italian radio broadcaster Radiosei (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) earlier today.

I am very convinced that Lazio’s defense will prevail in the end, I am sure of it because I know the points of this line and I am sure that there will be a fairly mild final sanction. The referral, however, was very heavy, I would dare to define it as justicialist because there are many charges.

The problem is that when there is a prosecutor’s office that is justicialist, we must ask ourselves if the federal court will be of the same opinion, this is what worries us. There will certainly be more levels of judgement.

He touched on what kind of sanctions Lazio can expect to receive.

This will be a case that will make jurisprudence, the same violation can lead from a fine up to a penalty in the league or exclusion from it. Here the violation of a UEFA protocol is invoked, but this is applied to the FIGC and this is already a strange case.

Lazio have not directly violated the FIGC protocols but is accused of having violated them because there have been previous UEFA findings.

Finally, Mignogna discussed the issue regarding the Biancocelesti’s failure to communicate positive cases to the Local Health Authority.

Also, on the communication to the Local Health Authority, certainly the laboratory has made known the positivity of these tests, nowhere is it written that Lazio had to communicate to the health authority that it had already been attentive to this issue, it is a matter of interpretation.

What is worrying is the interpretation given by the public prosecutor’s office.

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