Italian Manager D’Agostino Discusses Lazio’s Recent Performance Against Inter Milan

Italian manager Gaetano D’Agostino is detailing one key aspect from Lazio’s recent Serie A fixture Inter Milan.

Lazio had serious momentum heading into its fixture against Inter. But still, Inter showed why it is among the serious contenders for the Scudetto this season as it clinched a major 3-1 win.

Lecco manager D’Agostino is reflecting on Inter’s key win. More so, he notes that there was one tactical aspect in the match that Lazio could have done more to take advantage of.

D’Agostino spoke further about Lazio’s showing to TMW Radio (via La Lazio Siamo Noi).

Conte played the restart knowing that he had players who could have the decisive break.

Lazio had to be more cynical and more vertical.

Lazio has been punished by Conte’s cynicism.

This fixture for Lazio is certainly one in which there are plenty of learning lessons to come away with, especially with the challenges posed by Inter in the match.

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