Lazio is set to take on Sampdoria up next for a Serie A home fixture. The Biancocelesti is on the heels of a 3-1 loss to Inter Milan, so Lazio will look to avoid back-to-back winless results in league play.

Italian journalist Enrico Vella is looking ahead to how Lazio will respond in this upcoming match. In the big picture, he notes that there is no clear-cut favorite in the match.

Vella spoke further about this upcoming pivotal fixture for Lazio, with comments being relayed by the Italian-based outlet Cittaceleste.

It can be an unpredictable match because Sampdoria have 30 points and are calm while Lazio are between a rock and a hard place because they want to achieve a result after the defeat against Inter, without forgetting that afterward, they he will have Bayern Munich.

It will certainly be an interesting match.

Lazio currently stands at seventh place in the league standings. The Italian side surely would like to put together another lengthy winning streak at this point in the league campaign.