Felipe Caicedo, who is entering his fourth year with Lazio, recently spoke with the club’s official website (via La Lazio Siamo Noi).

The 32-year-old Ecuador international touched on various topics, including his first goal with the Italian side. Caicedo has 31 goals in 131 appearances for the Biancocelesti since arriving in 2017; of those 31, the club wanted to know his feelings on his first with Lazio. 

I remember it was a memorable match; it was my first goal in Serie A as a Lazio player. That match was tough: Sampdoria always plays very well at home, and we were in trouble. Thanks to that goal, we won the game, it was a very happy day for me.

Since leaving Ecuador to play football in Europe, Caicedo has played for various clubs in his career. However, the striker has made the most appearances for Lazio with 131; Caicedo appeared in 103 fixtures for RCD Espanyol de Barcelona, which was the second most. 

With Lazio holding an important place in his career, Caicedo touched on what it means to play for the Biancocelesti

Being an idol for the Lazio fans is the most important triumph of my career. Having achieved this milestone in one of the moments for the group is something extraordinary that makes me very proud. I want to continue on this path giving other satisfactions to the Biancocelesti fans. I’m very happy.

The Lazio striker is under contract until June 2022, so Caicedo will have at least another year to continue to leave his mark with the Rome-based club. 

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