Lazio’s Inzaghi: “Bayern Are Almost Unplayable but We Have Experience as Underdogs”

Lazio coach Simone Inzaghi discussed the Biancocelesti’s Champions League clash against Bayern Munich tomorrow when speaking to gathered reporters in a press conference earlier today.

His words were collected by Italian media outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi.

First, the 44-year-old Italian coach commented on how it feels to return to the Champions League Round of 16.

Beautiful feeling, the crowning achievement of 5 years of work with this wonderful squad.

We know how far we’ve come, how long and difficult it has been, we’ll play the match in the best possible way, with the right light-heartedness and humility that distinguishes us.

He then touched on if it was the best time to face the most dangerous opponent, Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich are world and European champions, they had a draw and a loss in the league but they were coming from five consecutive victories.

More than looking for their weaknesses, I’m working on the team’s strengths.

The Biancocelesti manager spoke about if his experience as a player in these matches helps, as well as the importance of Miroslav Klose to the German side.

Klose was an important player in my first seven games in charge of Lazio. I’ve also heard good things about him as a coach.

I’m pleased to have played games like that, but I have players who started to gain experience after playing in finals. We’ve played important games like finals, we’re ready for certain challenges.

Inzaghi touched on how the squad is approaching tomorrow evening’s fixture.

We know we should have played a challenge like this, since yesterday we are focused on Bayern Munich knowing that they are a challenge-cherry on the cake that we have deserved along the way.

We need light-heartedness and humility, they are a great team but we will try to do our best as always.

The 44-year-old Italian coach commented on what would make him satisfied in the match.

We want to play a game that allows us to hang on to qualification in every way. They are almost unplayable, but in the past, we were underdogs and we played in the best possible way.

We haven’t played a Champions League Round of 16, but a Europa League quarter-final and many finals. It’s a game of 180 minutes and not just 90 minutes at the Olimpico tomorrow.

Finally, Inzaghi discussed the duel between Biancocelesti star Ciro Immobile and Bayern talisman Robert Lewandowski.

They are the two strongest strikers around. Immobile was the Golden Boot winner last year, which is a source of great pride for us.

Lewandowski would definitely have won the Ballon d’Or. A super challenge with a similar duel on the inside.

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