Journalist Nicolodi: “Sooner or Later Bayern Will Score Against Lazio, It’s Inevitable”

Italian journalist and Sky Sports Italia commentator Pietro Nicolodi discussed tonight’s Champions League clash between Lazio and Bayern Munich in an interview with Italian media outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi earlier today.

First, he touched on the draw between the two clubs.

There wasn’t much choice in the draw, whoever was picked would have been a very strong team. Bayern are coming off a crazy season, they are a frighteningly strong team. They’re a different Bayern than last year and it couldn’t be any other way as the season is totally different.

They couldn’t train this summer because they played, there was a short break between the end of the Champions League and the start of the new season and they didn’t have the usual Bundesliga winter break, which gives them a bit of respite. So, they are struggling more.

In addition, injuries and Covid cases take away many important players, so it is right to try because there is a chance. Obviously, they are a very strong team, complete in all departments with a series of scary players. Obviously if they play at 100% it becomes difficult, but why not try?

He spoke about the ways to beat the reigning European and World champions.

If they play at 100% there’s almost no chance for anyone, but you can have some hope.

How do you beat Bayern Munich? By running like crazy and playing at 120% of their potential, making almost no mistakes. They will score sooner or later, that’s for sure. I don’t think it’s worth it to be too tactical.

You have to try to score a goal more than them, it’s difficult but you have to try. There are so many of them and they are so strong that it’s difficult to contain them. They come and play their game, even now that they’re not in top form, they take over the game and set the tempo.

Nicolodi then touched on the fixture across both legs.

It used to be more of an advantage to play the first leg away and the return leg at home. Things have changed over the years but you have to play both anyway.

Considering the moment, it was probably better to play the first leg in Munich because they feel more comfortable at home and play their way, that is to say, unconventional going forward, maybe Lazio could go there and with two counter-attacks manage to score two goals, as has happened lately.

If Arminia Bielefeld scored three goals why can’t Lazio? But I imagine it will be a different Bayern team in terms of concentration.

The Sky Sports Italia commentator also spoke about the Biancocelesti’s defense.

The problem is that you struggle against that attack, it’s Bayern’s attacking system that makes it difficult for you and it’s made it difficult for everyone. Of course, it would have been better to have the starters, but ah well.

I’d be prepared to concede a goal tonight, I’d play with the mentality that if you concede a goal it doesn’t change anything, because sooner or later they will score.

Finally, Nicolodi spoke about the duel between Lazio star Ciro Immobile and Bayern Munich forward Robert Lewandowski.

It will certainly be an extra incentive for Immobile, even if a Champions League game charges you regardless.

He was his replacement at Dortmund and it didn’t go very well so it may be an extra reason, but I don’t think we need to motivate him. He will be the player Bayern fear the most.

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