Lazio’s Luis Alberto: “We’re Not Favourites Against Bayern but We Have a Chance”

Lazio midfielder Luis Alberto discussed this evening’s Champions League clash against Bayern Munich in an interview with Spanish media outlet Marca earlier today.

First, the 28-year-old Spaniard spoke about his physical condition.

I’m getting back into shape. I forced my return because of the good moment I was coming from and I didn’t come back in the best conditions. In five days, I was already running, I could barely move, but I wanted to play.

After the match against Atalanta I regretted it because the wound was open, but we are entering the decisive phase of the season and I wanted to be there to help the team.

He looked ahead to today’s match against the reigning European and World champions.

We’re not favourites for anyone, but we have a chance. We like teams that attack and concede space. However, we have to play a perfect game. If Guardiola’s Barça weren’t unbeatable, no one is!

This is the Champions League and, to go far, we have to beat the best. We had lost our identity and we needed to believe in ourselves. The team is happy again and we have to continue like this.

The former Liverpool man discussed his desire to return to the Spanish national team.

I scored five goals in six games and I was enjoying playing football. It was difficult to stop because of my appendicitis. I had a bad time because it’s the year of the European Championship and I was in a good moment.

I would like to be called up by Spain. I am aware of every list. Luis Enrique has his own style and he hasn’t called me yet, but I’ll keep working to convince him to change his mind.

Luis Alberto spoke about his goals and assists, and his vision for achieving them.

It’s a question of nuances. It happens that now when I make a pass it doesn’t result in a goal and, instead, I score more. Maybe tonight I’ll make an assist and that will change. It’s true that the opponents study you and now, perhaps, they cover the pass more and I look for the shot.

What do I prefer? I’ve always said to play an assist, but it’s also nice to score and celebrate the way your son asked you to or dedicate it to someone.

If Immobile gave me a Rolex for my assists? It would be wrong if he only gave it to me. He should have given it to the whole team! Ciro scored the goals and has the Golden Shoe at home, but we all feel it’s a bit ours.

I’m happy with my contribution and to have been the best assist man in Serie A for the second time in my career, but above all to have achieved the goal we’ve been pursuing for so long, to play in the Champions League.

Will I surpass my record of 12 goals from 2017/18? I think I can do it. There are only six left to improve upon it and I would love to. It’s a challenge I’ve set myself.

The 28-year-old Spaniard touched on his and the team’s objectives this season.

The goal is to get back into the Champions League. We have to repeat ourselves. It can’t be that one year we’re in the Champions League, another in the Europa League, two out of Europe.

We need consistency to grow. I missed a couple of games in the group stage because of the coronavirus. Now I have two games ahead of me and I hope to score.

The Lazio midfielder commented on how it feels to feature in the derby against Roma.

The derby is experienced in a very special way. It’s the most important game of the year. To score twice was an incredible adrenaline rush. Everyone writes to you, stops you.

They make you feel like you’re God in that moment. It didn’t last long. Three days later I had surgery for appendicitis. They always asked me for goals in important games and this season I’m scoring them.

Luis Alberto spoke about the importance of Spanish veteran keeper Pepe Reina, who joined last summer.

He was what we needed. A player with experience, who has won everything and is respected and who, through ups and downs, says things to your face. We were a family, but we were missing a father like Pepe.

He remembered the Biancocelesti’s incredible campaign last season.

The Covid-19 stop destroyed us. We were coming from a perfect moment in terms of play and results. We had 17 victories in 21 games. The normal thing with that series of victories would have been to be in the lead with 7-8 points.

It was a unique opportunity to make history, but we didn’t succeed. Before the restart, several players got injured and we finished the season very tight, with only 12-13 players. We lost the mentality of champions.

The 28-year-old commented on the Covid-19 testing situation.

The players did what we were told. You’re positive, you go home, you’re negative, you train. I myself was at home for 10-11 days.

I don’t understand how a player can be positive, then negative and then come back positive. These are strange things that have happened in everyday life.

He touched on his fight with president Claudio Lotito earlier this campaign.

It was resolved the way it was supposed to be resolved. I put myself at the disposal of the coach and Angelo Peruzzi and no one can reproach me for my sacrifice.

Finally, Luis Alberto discussed his future.

I’m happy at Lazio. If the club decides to sell me, that’s another story, but as long as I have a contract with Lazio, I want to be the best.


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