Lazio goalkeeper Pepe Reina is looking to move on from the team’s UEFA Champions League Round of 16 first leg performance against Bayern Munich.

Lazio came away with a 4-1 home loss to Bayern in the opening fixture of this Champions League tie. The Biancocelesti gifted Bayern with multiple goal-scoring chances off of defensive errors, which the reigning Bundesliga champions wound up taking advantage of.

For now, Reina credits Bayern for the dominant showing but sees that Lazio must learn from this result. The Spanish goalkeeper spoke to Sky Sport (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) on the result.

Their pressure was done well. We made mistakes technically and tactically, and when you make mistakes like this, they punish you at this level.

We will have to put this match behind us because it is mandatory to restart. We had not played in the round of 16 for 20 years.

I also made technical mistakes, but this is our way of playing this; playing from the bottom to get rid of the front line of pressing. Of course, when you’re in trouble, playing two or three long balls would do us good. When you take the wrong approach, you pay for it.

Lazio will have the return leg upcoming next month. The Biancocelesti would now have to pull off a grand comeback in order to shock the footballing world and advance to the quarterfinals of the competition.