Italian Journalist Recanatesi Analyzes Lazio’s Defensive Performance Against Bayern Munich

Lazio had arguably one of its worst defensive performances of the season in its UEFA Champions League Round of 16 first leg fixture against FC Bayern Munich.

Defensive miscues and errors from Lazio gifted Bayern multiple high percentage goal-scoring opportunities over the course of the match. And as the side has done countless times in Bundesliga play, Bayern took advantage of such errors by scoring multiple effortless goals.

Italian journalist Franco Recanatesi watched as Lazio’s struggled against one of the more high-octane attacks in this season’s Champions League competition. And one takeaway for Recanatesi (via Cittaceleste) from the match was that investments are needed in the team’s defensive backline.

The first fifteen or twenty minutes, which are the ones that give you the picture of the match, Lazio lived them with a goal made by themselves and with a penalty denied. These two episodes are morally striking.

The Germans were good at covering all the passing lines. The Bavarians approached a race with the right mentality.

To grow you have to keep winning the cups and the Super Cups, but also starting to play in the Champions League every year. To do this, we must also add some good investments on the market. It would take something more in defense.

Lazio will now look ahead to an upcoming Serie A fixture against Bologna.

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