“We Wouldn’t Have Scored Anyway” – Simone Inzaghi Acknowledges Lazio’s Offensive Struggles in Loss to Bologna

Lazio finds themselves in an offensive funk, as the Biancocelesti have only scored four goals in their previous five fixtures. Furthermore, the last time in which Simone Inzaghi’s side scored more than one goal in a match was in late January when they defeated Atalanta BC 3-2. 

The inability to score hurt them in their fixture against Bologna FC 1909, where Lazio fell 2-0. In a close race to finish in the top-four, Simone Inzaghi’s side can’t afford to drop points, especially against clubs below them in the standings. 

In his postgame interview with Sky Sport (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Inzaghi acknowledged that his team, especially against Bologna, is struggling offensively. The Italian tactician stated that the fixture could’ve gone another 90 minutes, and Lazio wouldn’t have scored. 

If we had played another 90 minutes, I think we wouldn’t have scored anyway; it was destiny.

We have to react, we can miss a penalty or concede a goal, but there has to be a different reaction.

Now we will have to leave this defeat to us. We need to get back to winning and secure points in the league.

In the last nine matches, we have won seven and lost two. Now we have two important matches against Torino and Juventus.

Lazio’s next two fixtures will be against Torino and Juventus FC, and if the Biancocelesti wants to crack the top four in Serie A, they’ll need to find their offensive mojo and score more than one goal. 

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