Italian Journalist Recanatesi Analyzes Ciro Immobile’s Recent Concerning Form

Italian journalist Franco Recanatesi is bringing to attention Ciro Immobile’s form as of late.

The Italian forward has currently gone four straight matches without scoring a goal, which includes the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 first leg fixture against FC Bayern Munich. The Lazio star has had his fair share of chances to score a pivotal goal but continues to come up short each time.

For Recanatesi, he believes that Immobile’s struggles do not have to do with his quality as a striker. Instead, the Italian journalist (via Cittaceleste) notes that Immobile may be in need of some rest.

He is experiencing a moment, now quite long, in which he is subdued. Maybe a little rest would do him good. This thing makes me think of a certain discouragement.

Even the signature on the contract could indicate that the moment is not the best. We need clarification, but we know that Immobile company will not give any.

With Lazio’s recent heavy congestion in fixtures, Immobile and his teammates sure have had to will themselves to putting together quality performances.

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