Former Italian Defender Corino Believes Lazio is in Dire Need of Defensive Reinforcements

Former Italian defender Luigi Corino is calling for Lazio to place a broader focus on strengthening its defensive depth.

Lazio continues to face inconsistency issues regarding its defensive play. The side has top performers such as defensive leader Francesco Acerbi. But overall, Lazio is well susceptible to late game collapses and notable errors that wound up proving to be costly in the end.

Corino notes that Lazio’s defensive play is holding the team back. And while the club can not do much to shore up its defensive depth, Corino (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) sees Lazio’s play from its backline one that needs addressing.

Talking about Bologna-Lazio is like shooting on a red cross. After the Champions League matches, Lazio’s performance is lacking, and this is also due to the fact that Inzaghi does not trust the second lines. This has repercussions on performance and results.

A team that after so many years has to compete in the Champions League has to build a different defensive squad. We’ve been looking for important defenders for years. It’s always the same story, if Luiz Felipe and Radu are missing, the situation becomes unbearable.

Seeing Lazio give away the goals was not nice. This problem is repeated every match, everyone makes mistakes in turn.

This issue may be one in which the club’s board may place at the top of its transfer needs for the upcoming summer window.

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