The Lega Serie A council has urgently convened to discuss if tonight’s clash between Lazio and Torino will go ahead as originally scheduled, or be postponed until further notice.

According to a report from Italian news outlet ANSA (via Calcio e Finanza) earlier today, the council will meet to discuss the Covid-19 protocols and if the match should go ahead as planned.

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If Lega Serie A decide not to postpone the match, then Lazio will be awarded a 3-0 win, as the Turin Local Health Authority has blocked the Torino squad from travelling down to Rome for the match.

Last night, president Paolo Dal Pino wanted to postpone the match, but the vast majority of club presidents had asked him not to do so.

Tommaso Giulini of Cagliari, Luca Percassi of Atalanta, Paolo Scaroni of AC Milan and Maurizio Setti of Verona are all members of the Lega Serie A council and are now discussing options.

Federal councilors Claudio Lotito (Lazio) and Giuseppe Marotta (Inter) have no voting rights.

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