Italian Journalist Franco Order on Lazio-Torino: “I Don’t Think the 3-0 Scoreline Will Stand”

Lazio’s coronavirus-related fixture controversy with Torini continues to be a major talking point in Serie A. The two Italian sides were set to face off in a mid-week league clash, but even with Torino still in its mandated coronavirus quarantine period, Serie A elected not to postpone the match.

This is the ruling that is set in place at the moment, but for Italian journalist Franco Order, he believes (via Cittaceleste) that this decision will not stand.

In the meantime, I don’t think the 3-0 scoreline will stand. When the judge will have all the documentation of the ASL of Turin, it is clear that the causes of force majeure that prevented the club from playing the match will prevail.

The Napoli question is different, where everything was decided at the table. When the Collegio di Garanzia del Coni establishes that the health authorities have absolute priority over everything, it sets an important precedent.

In the case of Torino, the reasons of force majeure are documented. This is a team that has not trained again. The postponement of the match was inevitable, there were all the conditions.

It remains to be seen on how Lazio and Torino will resolve the matter, whether they will push to finalize a 3-0 win for the Biancocelesti or if the two sides will agree to play out the fixture later this season.

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