Lazio was set to host Torino for a pivotal league fixture, but with the latter no-showing the match due to its mandated coronavirus self-isolation period, the match was not held.

Former Italian defender Francesco Colonnese was not much of a fan of what unfolded on Tuesday. Colonnese notes that the league should have done more to prepare itself for such situations, especially considering the fallout from the Juventus and Napoli fixture controversy from earlier this season.

Colonnese spoke to TuttoMercatoWeb where he shared his thoughts on Serie A’s latest coronavirus-related controversy.

The usual confusion that exists in Italy. The virus is still spreading, and there are too many voices to make decisions, too many solutions that send everyone into confusion.

It is not even clear who is right or wrong, we have made the same mistake as Juventus-Napoli, something that shouldn’t have happened.

For the moment, Lazio now heads towards a match against Juvents.