Italian Journalist Recanatesi: “This Lazio Has Come to the End of the Line”

Italian journalist Franco Recanatesi believes that Lazio’s ongoing cycle may have just come to a close.

Lazio currently stands at seventh place in the Serie A standings. Many projected that the Biancocelesti would be among the serious contenders for a top-four spot in the league standings this season, but this has not quite panned out for the side.

Recanatesi sees (via Cittaceleste) that with Lazio’s recent lowly showing against Juventus in league play, this may signal that the cycle for the team may have just been closed shut.

After Correa’s go-ahead goal, I was hoping things would turn out well. But the defense in that challenge was very likely to get goals. However, within Lazio I don’t see that charge anymore that was there before. The team has come to the end of the line, after five years where people are the same, there might even be. Not to mention the demotivation of the players.

Even the last two purchase campaigns have been badly done. There have been choices that are difficult to dispute. Acerbi, it seems, wants to play as a left outside player in defense because Mancini would need him in that role on the national team. But our defense can’t afford to take him out of the middle of the defense. It’s not good if the players choose their positions.

I see a discouragement within the club. That’s why I say that the cycle, in my opinion, has come to an end.

For Lazio, there is still plenty of time for the side to turn the tide on its ongoing campaign.

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