Lazio Launch ‘A.MA.MI.’ Project to Help Combat Gender-Based Violence

Today is International Women’s Day and Lazio have decided to develop the “A.MA.MI.” project to help combat the tide of gender-based violence, particularly against women.

Working with the ARGOS Police Force, many prominent Lazio figures were president at today’s press conference (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), including president Claudio Lotito, defender Francesco Acerbi, coach Carolina Morace, Sister Paola and actress Anna Falchi.

First to speak was Dr Gianluca Guerrisi, representative of the ARGOS Police Force:

I would like to thank President Lotito and Dr Nastri for organizing this press conference. This initiative is part of the good conduct programme we have already launched.

We must not be afraid to denounce, to say what unfortunately happens. Together with society, we want to say no to violence against women.

Lawyer Vittorio Palamenghi discussed the rates of violent crimes where women were the victims.

Many women are afraid to report, but finally now there are all the legislative tools to catch the ogres who commit these abominable acts.

Penalties have been tightened and new offences have been created. Finally, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has the possibility to intervene immediately.

Every day lost is a day in which there is a risk of more victims. Legal costs are borne by the State.

Acerbi, who was awarded the title of Ambassador of Good Deeds directly by Dr Guerrisi, then gave his thoughts.

I am shocked by these unacceptable events. It is unacceptable to hear that a person rapes a woman, we need maximum sentences as for murder. Sport and music go together very well and can help emotionally.

In connection with the previous speech, I advise everyone to report. We must not be afraid. Excuse me, I’m going to training and I have to prepare for the talk that the president will give today!

Sister Paola from the So.Spe. (Solidarietà e Speranza) association spoke also, saying:

Through our association, we try to help all women in difficulty and we try to reintegrate them into society. I deal with people who have faced very hard times.

We have to report them and we hope that the justice system will now do its job to protect defenseless women who feel in danger.

The Vice-President of the Council of the Lazio Region, Giuseppe Emanuele Cangemi, then took commented on the project.

We have been collaborating with Lazio for years on awareness-raising initiatives, mainly on bullying and cyberbullying, and it is a team with important values. This must not be a good party, but a good life.

Lazio Women coach Carolina Morace gave her thoughts.

What do we say to kids who see prostitutes in the street? How can we change people’s mentality if we admit this? We all know that most of them are underage girls who have been trafficked.

Finally, president Lotito discussed the project and his work at the club.

I would like to thank first of all those who gave us this opportunity. The real problem is that the difference between man and beast is made by rationality, which restrains instincts. We must educate young people to respect values. We must have respect for human dignity, for the person.

There used to be points of reference in society, teachers at school, priests at the oratory, that have now been downgraded. In this way we create a population that does not even think of the problem and through sport we have to make up for this lack.

We have the burden of training the body but above all the mind of these young people. We often forget this element, but our victory must be that of having youngsters who are models of civilized life.

Lazio are the first club to have a psychologist for the guys, but especially for the parents who often vent their frustrations on the guys.

Carolina Morace knows this, we wanted to implement the women’s sector so that boys and girls can grow at the same rate. I often receive compliments on the education of our athletes.

With football you can break down barriers. We have always been close to the institutions that represent legality. We have to fight to ensure legality and support for human beings.

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