Lazio President Lotito: “Immobile Is a Man of the People, He Represents Rome”

By Apollo Heyes -

Lazio president Claudio Lotito expressed his pride in Italian striker Ciro Immobile, who received his European Golden Boot award today in Rome.

Speaking during the ceremony at the Campidoglio (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Lotito gave a long speech speaking highly of the 31-year-old.

It is an honour to be here to witness this coveted achievement, which is a boast for Lazio but also for the whole city. I’m talking about Ciro from a human point of view.

He has brought credibility, visibility but above all he has brought joy to the homes of our fans, but not only that, he has softened the contrasts that had little sporting value in our city.

The young people identify him as their teammate, their father with whom they can talk about sport and learn about football. Immobile has entered the minds and hearts of people, of all citizens, not just the fans.

Older people identify him as a son who takes them back to a time when Lazio did not have this organisation and ability to excite. Ciro manages to excite, with his very humble manner he manages to enter into the hearts of people who see him as a reference point.

When he enters the field with his slouching manner, he seems to carry on his shoulders his and the team’s effort to achieve their goals. He is the conductor of an orchestra in which everyone plays for the same goal, the achievement of a result.

He translates the effort of the whole team into concrete facts. This is fundamental for a footballer because when you reach certain goals you get away from people.

He has remained one of us, one of the people and this affects people because he has a family that has passed on these values and he passes them on to his own. He even managed to move the Holy Father when we visited him.

He would have deserved a different celebration, as he would have if the pandemic had not happened, but I decided to do it here because he represents Rome.

The city of Rome has not been able to boast of this achievement for many years. He is nothing else than the ambassador of this club, he embodies the values of the club on the pitch and in life.

The 31-year-old Immobile won the award for his efforts in Serie A last season with Lazio, where he scored 36 goals and provided eight assists in 37 games.

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