Lazio Striker Immobile: “I Dedicate the Golden Boot to the Fans, Inzaghi & the Team”

Lazio striker Ciro Immobile expressed his happiness and pride upon being awarded the European Golden Boot award earlier today in Rome.

Speaking at the ceremony at Campidoglio (via Lazio’s official site) earlier today, the 31-year-old Italian dedicated his award to the fans.

To see the Golden Shoe up close is a great emotion, to be approached by big names is a huge satisfaction. I know my history, I know how hard I have worked to achieve certain goals, to receive the award in this hall is exciting.

I’m sorry for the absence of the fans, I dedicate this victory to them who are suffering for not being able to support us at the stadium. What I am I owe to the teachings of my family, first in life then in sport. I left home young but I never missed my parents because they were always there.

I tried to create my family based on their teachings, I am proud of what I created off the field. Then obviously a special thanks goes to my teammates, coach and club, everyone must feel like a winner. I could never have won it alone of course, I was helped by all of them.

He touched on the speech made by Lotito earlier and how his dream has come true.

Compliments about my footballing achievements are nice, but compliments about being a man, as President Lotito said, are a huge satisfaction, it means I’ve become a great person. I have fun with my children, even with a few dances on social networks.

I would like to thank all those who have spoken so beautifully about me. I know where I started from and I’ve always known where I wanted to go. I know that the boys of today are going through a difficult time but you have to grit your teeth and not give up.

Everyone has to believe strongly in their dreams. I’ve realised mine, as I can, so can they. When I listened to the radio commentaries, I was moved by the voice of commentators like Cucchi.

Immobile spoke about his next goals.

We want to bounce back, we’re going through a downturn, which can happen since we’ve been playing non-stop since August. But I’m proud of what we’ve been doing over the last five years, achieving important goals. We’re a family going in the same direction and we’re always united.

We spoke with Lotito during the week and we’re happy to have this game on Friday against Crotone. Then I also have the thought of the European Championship in my head, which must be one more thing I want at all costs.

Finally, Immobile spoke about some of the goals he scored last campaign.

I’m very superstitious, now that I’m approaching the Piola’s record everyone asks me what we should do to celebrate but I tell them to wait and organise later. Since I’ve been here I’ve been reading Lazio’s history, who struck me the most was Chinaglia, as a passion Signori, as a way of playing Bruno Giordano.

On the pitch he was someone who didn’t like to lose, a pain in the ass, he represents me a bit.

Most beautiful goal? In terms of emotion, the goal at Juventus’ Stadium or against Napoli. In terms of beauty, the one in Cagliari represents me more because it is pure instinct.

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