“I Was Expecting This Decision” – Italian Football Journalist Not Surprised by Sports Judge Decision to Not Award Lazio Victory Over Torino

The sports judge has finally come down with a decision regarding Lazio-Torino. 

Although the Biancocelesti received an automatic win on March 2, 2021, after the Turin-based club failed to show up at the Stadio Olimpico (due to a coronavirus outbreak that the squad endured), it has now been reversed; the Roman-based club will not receive a 3-0 victory over the Granata and they will need to play the fixture.

Ahead of Lazio-Torino, the Granata had their match postponed against US Sassuolo Calcio due to COVID. This is why many were questioning the decision of Urbano Cairo’s team to not travel to Rome.

For Italian football journalist Riccardo Cucchi, the decision not to award Lazio the 3-0 win over Torino doesn’t surprise him, as he stated on Twitter

I was expecting this decision from the sports judge on Lazio-Torino. I am not surprised at all. The ruling on Juventus-Napoli makes jurisprudence. By the way: the postponement of the match was requested by both clubs (Lazio and Torino), by mutual agreement.

Lazio will now appeal the judge’s decision. As of now, there’s no set date as to when the fixture will be scheduled. 

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