Since Serie A returned after pausing competition due to the coronavirus pandemic, supporters have not been allowed into the stadiums. As vaccines are beginning to roll out in various countries, clubs and governing bodies have initial talks about their plans to welcome back supporters. 

Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC) president Gabriele Gravina was guest at the hearing today by the Culture and Sports Commission of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. 

La Lazio Siamo Noi relayed Gravina’s comments from the meeting as he hopes clubs can usher in supporters at a limited capacity. The FIGC president states that there’s no danger in having 10,000 people in a 60,000 stadium. 

It does not seem to be a great danger for our fans’ health to let 100 people into facilities that can hold 500-1000 or let 10 thousand people into 60 thousand stadiums. Concerning the protocols, we have tested on the pitch to know how to apply. In any case, to carry on with a great sense of responsibility, in a sport, football, which takes place outdoors.

Culture is trying to obtain the possibility of reopening cinemas and theaters in minimal percentages, but there is the idea of ​​reopening in any case. I believe that there is nothing offensive in declaring a fundamental concept so dear to me as sport is culture.

Various leagues worldwide are having initial talks with their local governments on bringing in supporters to the stadium. In the United States, there were some National Football League and Major League Soccer teams having fans in their open-air stadium with social distancing. 

Having seen how these organizations went about having fans in stadiums, various leagues in Europe could use their blueprint to begin talks about welcoming back supporters.