Lazio Lawyer Provides Update on the Club’s Appeal to Keep 3-0 Victory Over Torino

Earlier this month, Lazio received a 3-0 victory after Torino FC failed to show up at the Stadio Olimpico.

The Turin-based club were dealing with a coronavirus outbreak within its squad and were therefore prevented from travelling by health officials in the city. Furthermore, with the league not looking to postpone another one of Torino’s fixtures, the match proceeded as scheduled.

Since then, Torino appealed to reverse the 3-0 result; the sports judge decided to side in their favour. As a result, Lazio will now launch their own appeal to keep the result.

Gian Michele Gentile, Lazio lawyer, spoke to Radio Punto Nuovo (via Corriere dello Sport) to discuss the issue.

There is a need to understand what happened with the ASL provision because it is not clear. The sports judge himself noted this.

The problem concerns the protocol and the provisions of the League and the FIGC, because the rules are currently linked to an authority (ASL) that operate outside of the world of sport. This is a question of understanding what Serie A must do in situations like this (Lazio-Torino), as if the Local Health Authorities make the final call, the sports authorities can not challenge anything and are pointless.

Tense relationship between Urbano Cairo and Claudio Lotito? If the two presidents clash, it is not about the legal system. All I am saying is that there is a hole in the sports system with regards to the covid and emergency procedures.

As of now, Lazio and Torino will play the match if the original verdict from the sports judge stands. Nonetheless, no date of when such fixture will occur has yet been announced, considering that Lazio is in court appealing the decision.

If Lazio is unable to win its appeal, then a date will likely be announced shortly. 

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