Lazio Striker Immobile: “I’m Happy in Rome, We’ve Been Building a Strong Project Here”

Lazio striker Ciro Immobile looked ahead to this summer’s European Championship and was happy with his European Golden Boot award.

Speaking in an interview with Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport earlier today, the 31-year-old Italian first spoke about his Golden Boot.

It has finally arrived, but it was fine to wait! The third Italian to win it after Toni and Totti? Both world champions and extraordinary players.

I’m proud to see my name among the greats who have won before me.

The Biancocelesti striker responded to his critics.

In football, everyone has their moment. Last season I had mine.

Immobile touched on the difficulties of playing behind closed doors.

Without the fans, the most important thing is missing, the passion, the emotion, the roar in the stadium after a goal, celebrating with the fans.

So, I dedicate this award not only to the club and my team-mates, but also to the fans.

He spoke about his happiness with Lazio.

My family and I are happy in Rome. With the club and coach Inzaghi, we’ve been building a project for years with a lot of success. And we want to go higher.

The 31-year-old Italian touched on the difficulty of replacing forward German forward Miroslav Klose.

Incredibly difficult, Miro was an idol. Like when I took Lewandowski’s place at Dortmund. It’s impossible to replace such exceptional players, you can only seek your own path to success.

Have I surpassed Klose in goals? I don’t like these comparisons. Miro wasn’t at Lazio for as long as I have been.

Immobile spoke about the importance of his two moves abroad.

Even if they didn’t go well in sporting terms, I took a lot away from Germany and Spain. Experiencing other cultures is a learning process.

The Biancocelesti star spoke about a few different coaches that he’s worked under in his career.

Klopp? Impressive, the will to fight for every ball burned in you inside you from his eyes as soon as he spoke to you.

Tuchel? A meticulous guy. Zeman? An endless attack, attack, attack.

He spoke about how difficult it was to miss the 2018 World Cup.

One of the darkest and most disappointing moments of my career. With Mancini a fantastic job since 2018, the results speak for themselves. And the fans are enthusiastic again.

Immobile looked ahead to this summer’s European Championships and the Italy squad.

Very strong team with many youngsters with great prospects.

For the European Championship we are very optimistic and the group matches will take place in Rome, we will have more motivation.

He touched on his inconsistent goal scoring record with the Azzurri.

Apparently, I scored so many at club level that I had run out of steam with the Azzurri! It’s true, I have to work on my average.

Finally, Immobile revealed a personal goal of his.

To win another Golden Shoe!

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