Italian Journalist Recanatesti: “A Fundamental Victory for Lazio Against Crotone”

It was an arduous challenge for Lazio, but the side picked up all three points in its Serie A fixture against Crotone. The Biancocelesti had its way in the attack, but defensive errors gifted Crotone with two key goals in the match. Nonetheless, a win is a win for Lazio.

Italian journalist Franco Recanatesi watched Lazio’s fixture, and he notes (via Cittaceleste) that this was a much-needed win for the Biancocelesti, especially at this point in the season.

A fundamental victory for Lazio against Crotone. It could be considered a turning point this season, which is odd, since it was supposed to be a challenge of normal administration for the Biancocelesti.

Lazio now has the upcoming Champions League return fixture against Bayern Munich. Recanatesi sees that even with Lazio down on aggregate, the side could still put out a formidable performance.

I expect a pleasant Lazio game. Without pressure and without any obligation, because we’re out by now. If Bayern lets us play, we can also score goals. It would be nice if Immobile could find the way to the net.

Lazio heads into the return match down 4-1 in the tie.


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