Gabriele Paparelli, son of late Lazio fan Vincenzo, highlighted his unhappiness at the two radio show hosts disparaging comments regarding his father earlier today.

Speaking in an interview with Italian radio broadcaster Lazio Style Radio (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Paparelli spoke about Alberto Gottardo and Emiliano Pirri’s comments regarding his father.

Unfortunately, these two individuals went on the rampage in one minute of live coverage. We always find ourselves talking about the same things here.

In fact, that I can talk about it today, I’ve calmed down a bit. They made me sick to my stomach because they talked about it with absolute levity, besides the fact that they insulted him for no good reason.

In the end something came out that I think they’ll regret.

He touched on how he has tried to avoid legal action previously, to no avail.

Unfortunately, I’m forced to take legal action, so they’ll think about it before making certain statements. Many people have told me that I should have done it earlier, but I have always tried to respond elegantly to everyone.

I’ve received a lot of messages begging me to take this forward. I don’t think it’s appropriate to insult them, but it’s because I’m not like that. We are Lazio fans, we know how to be in the world and we have respect in our blood. They didn’t apologise, they tried to justify themselves to me and I didn’t like that.

It all seemed to be done with further arrogance and that made me even angrier. There is a difference from what happened with Andro Merkù, I am now very friendly with him and he still tries to apologise.

Finally, Paparelli discussed his state of mind.

I’m a bit better now, unfortunately I’m used to it, I know it’s bad to say. Let’s see how the matter evolves, hopefully it will work out and we’ll stop talking like this about my father, Lazio and whoever is part of it. I’ve spent a lifetime defending my father from boorish and meaningless insults.

I remember my father was a simple fan, he was eating a sandwich at the stadium. I don’t understand this doggedness for 42 years. I would like to thank the thousands of people who have stood by me during these days. I strongly feel everyone’s affection.

I send my good luck to these guys, maybe I’ll meet them in front of a judge. I would just like more respect. Lawyer Mignogna is helping me, it will be a long fight, but we won’t give an inch.

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