Atalanta’s Gasperini Explains Why Italian Clubs Struggled in Europe This Season

The 2020-21 season in Europe for Italian clubs hasn’t gone well. As both the UEFA Champions and Europa League advance to the Quarter-Finals, only one Serie A club is left. Lazio, Atalanta BC, and Juventus fell in the Round of 16 in the Champions League. Meanwhile, AC Milan fell in the Europa League. Some are writing this off as a one-off, while others show concern for the future of Italian football. 

Atalanta BC manager Gian Piero Gasperini laid out his concerns for Serie A after a tough season competing at the European stage. During his press conference (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Gasperini stated that Serie A clubs’ poor showing in Europe was due to various components; not solely one issue.

We must take note of it. We must try to grow and improve; our football must grow.

In these situations, we must always try to work better; it is a general thing. There is a need to raise the bar; it seems pretty obvious. There are also positive things; the national team had touched a low point but now is showing very positive signs.

Causes? Resources have their importance, but mentality and quality make a difference or maybe even because of the evaluations and choices. There are many foreigners in our football. In our championship, however, we can draw some indications; for sure these components can influence things.

It would be interesting to see if other managers in Serie A feel the same as Gasperini. Perhaps Lazio manager Simone Inzaghi might have a different opinion of why Italian clubs struggled this season in Europe. 

Nonetheless, next year should present whether it’s a worrying trend. 

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