“Football Has Changed” – Daniele Adani Comments on No Italian Clubs Progressing to the UCL Quarter-Finals

As the UEFA Champions League moves to the next phase of the competition, what’s noticeable is that no Italian sides advanced past the Round of 16. Three Serie A clubs went into the knockout stages, and all three (Juventus, Lazio and Atalanta) failed to get to the Quarter-Finals. 

Some will see this as a one-off and not pay too much attention to it. However, others see this as a sign that Serie A and Italian football is following behind. 

In an interview with Bobo TV (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), former defender Daniele Adani stated his concern concerning the matter. 

If we don’t understand that we [Italian clubs] are inadequate, next year, the same thing will happen all over again: everyone will be out in the Round of 16. False problems do not create the right cure; remember that. There is more desire to argue in Italy than to develop competence; learning is more complex than criticizing. Progress cannot be stopped, construction is the future, and we cannot turn the other way. Football has changed. Will we understand that in Italy too?

Again, this could be an overreaction to a rough stretch for Italian clubs in the Champions League, but this could also be a sign for concern…

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