Lazio Will Present a 19-Page Appeal in an Attempt to Keep 3-0 Result Against Torino

The ongoing legal battle between Lazio, Torino FC, and the legal system continues, as the Biancocelesti will be appealing the decision made by a sports judge.

As many already know, a coronavirus outbreak prevented the Turin-based club from heading to the Stadio Olimpico for their fixture against Lazio a few weeks ago. After having their previous matchup against US Sassuolo Calcio postponed, Serie A decided not to do the same for the next fixture versus Lazio.

As a result, the Biancocelesti showed up at the stadium, but Torino didn’t show up as local health authorities blocked the squad from travelling to the Italian capital. The team’s absence led to Lazio receiving a 3-0 result, but Torino soon after appealed the result, in a battle which they’d eventually win. However, now it’s Lazio appealing the decision as the Rome-based club wants to keep the result.

Claudio Lotito, the club’s owner and president, filed a 19-page complaint, which he’ll present to the courts this week. La Lazio Siamo Noi has revealed what is in these 19 pages, as Lazio hopes to win its appeal. 

In the 19 pages, we find the same arguments that have already been rejected by judge Mastrandrea. Namely the inconsistencies relating to the authorization of individual training and the famous ‘zero-day’ (February 23rd, when they suspended training). Torino players were free to travel despite the immediate order for the protection of public health. Therefore, the Granata’s decision to extend their squad’s solitary confinement until March 2nd to prevent them from travelling is what is being contested.

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